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Our philosophy for onsite staffing is the core of organization and often times what separates us from the competition. Particularly when it comes to on-site staffing services we often find the focus of the competition is geared toward low bidding the project to get the contract, then turning and burning staff at a low pay rate to make the contract sustainable. Our focus is different in the way that we focus on simple systematic process:

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[tabs tab1=”Corporate Leadership” tab2=”Client Relationship”]
[tab]Local leadership will be at the project multiple times per week to ensure quality control and scope of work performance. Senior leadership will evaluate the project performance on schedule that is preferred by the client.[/tab]
[tab]Client satisfaction is the number one priority of our organization. We insist on a clear and open line of communication to ensure we are exceeding expectations and that we are clear on our measureable areas of service. We ask for a set meeting schedule where the frequency is set by the client where we can even only briefly discuss our performance areas face to face. We have been able to build long term client satisfaction by providing what we promise and keeping our client interactions consistent and in person.[/tab]


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